Renovation and refurbishment

Power Tools for renovation and refurbishment

Jobs that involve intensive renovation, refurbishment and modernisation demand nothing but the most effective and efficient power tools for trade. Older buildings can prove cramped and awkward to work in, so you need professional power tools that are up to the task.

Festool has a range of refurbishment and renovation specialist tools that fit the bill perfectly, including special solutions for difficult situations, designed for demanding professionals working in existing buildings.

Choose from diamond grinders for extremely fast material removal, robust and ergonomic stirrers or accurate cutting systems for precise cutting of tiles and natural stone.

All our renovation and refurbishment power tools have in common a connection with specially designed accessories and mobile dust extractors for dust-free and healthy working.

Renovation and refurbishment starts with the right power tool

A beautifully renovated space with the highest level of finish makes a statement in any building. Find what you need to renew walls, ceilings and floors as part of a professional renovation and refurbishment project with our collection of power tools for the trade.

Clear concrete, screed and coatings on hard subsurfaces quickly and easily with the RG 130 E-Plus diamond grinder, which removes these materials over large areas effortlessly with its 1,600 W motor. Its folding segment and wall stop means you can work right up to the wall when renovating without causing any damage to it. Dust extraction is consistently excellent thanks to the automatically adapting brush ring, which moves flush over uneven surfaces to ensure no dust can escape.

Our MX 1600/2 E EF HS3R stirrer blends concrete, screed, mortar, plaster, liquid materials and more with its two gear system that can mix up to 90 l. This professional power tool maintains constant mixing speed and power with clever electronic controls that regulate the 1500 W motor.

Ensure the cleanest cuts to doors and windows, expansion joints and pipes during your renovation and refurbishment project with the DSC-AG 125 diamond cutting system, capable of plunge cuts and cutting up to depths of 27 mm. Use this trade power tool in combination with the Festool guide rail for the most accurate results.

Renovation and refurbishment projects should be built to last for many years and with Festool’s professional power tools, you can be sure that your work will stand the test of time.

Tiling tools for the trade

Tiles not only look great, they act as a protective barrier for walls, floors and surfaces, especially in rooms with regularly damp conditions, such as bathrooms and kitchens. For professional tilers, their tiling power tools, including tile cutters, need to be capable of producing the most precise edges and a faultless uniform finish.

Our tiling power tools for the trade include high quality tile cutters, part of our diamond cutting system. Lightweight enough to use free hand, the flexible Festool cutting system helps you achieve the most accurate and beautifully consistent results, without mess or fuss thanks to efficient dust extraction. Not forgetting tiling power tools that allow you to create a smooth adhesive, we also have a range of power stirrers ideal for mixing tile adhesive.

With Festool’s tile cutters and tiling tools behind your project, you can produce tiling work that speaks for itself.
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