Festool vision for and fundamental attitude to the environment

Our responsibility for the environment

Environmentally-friendly behaviour plays a significant role in our values.

With think sustainably – out of love for the environment

Environmental policy is part of the company's sustainability management system. By sustainability, we mean that the same opportunities and resources on the earth should be available to future generations as are already available to our current generation. Taking into consideration current global mega trends, we are convinced that there are three relevant environmental impacts for us:
Climate change

Global climate change is a threat to the continued existence of mankind. That's why we consider it to be our job to help counteract climate change. We can do this by reducing CO2 emissions.
Scarcity of resources

Resources are finite worldwide. To ensure equal opportunities for future generations, resources must be protected and maintained. We do this by reducing relative material consumption.

Health protection

Health protection is crucial to the continuing existence of mankind. That is why we consider it to be our responsibility to reduce emissions and avoid the use of hazardous substances.

Stay clean – preserve resources

Specifically, we can achieve this in our everyday working life by implementing the following measures and corporate processes:

  • Robust, reliable products with a long service life preserve resources and protect the environment. This is because a long service life means reduced raw material consumption and smaller amounts of waste.
  • Internationally outstanding after-sales service with a spare part guarantee that lasts for years: Repairing instead of replacing also protects natural resources
  • Development of products with unique selling points, such as optimum dust extraction – this relieves the burden on people and the environment.

The most important contribution: Our products

At Festool, economy and ecology have more in common than just a syllable. Festool takes responsibility for the environment across the board. Our most important contribution for conserving our environment is the quality of our products. They are set apart by their durability, quality and environmentally-friendly product development (recycling, environmental compatibility).
  • Festool repair

    Preserving resources throughout service life

    A long service life, low wear and sustainable repairability of our devices offer the best environmental protection because fewer raw materials are consumed.
  • SYSTAINER for painters

    Saving packaging material

    Festool SYSTAINER replaces packaging material: To reduce the volume of waste, Festool supplies most devices in a long-life SYSTAINER.
  • Festool dealers

    Recycling of old devices

    Our old devices are fed into the recycling systems in an environmentally-friendly manner. After many years of use, Festool devices can be disposed of free of charge at public collection points, at specialist dealers or with the Festool after-sales service.