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NEW Order number 204224

Abrasive sheet STF D225 P150 GR S/25 Granat Soft

STF D225 P80 GR S/25 STF D225 P100 GR S/25 STF D225 P120 GR S/25 STF D225 P150 GR S/25 STF D225 P180 GR S/25 STF D225 P240 GR S/25 STF D225 P320 GR S/25 STF D225 P400 GR S/25

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GRANAT – the perfect choice for sanding. For flawless surfaces.

If you want fast and economical sanding, the GRANAT premium abrasive is always just the thing. The right sandpaper is essential for perfect sanding results, especially when sanding completely filled walls and ceilings of the highest surface finish class Q3/Q4. Festool has the perfect solution: Granat Soft. In combination with the PLANEX or PLANEX easy long-reach sander, this soft abrasive impresses thanks to its easy application, especially when processing extremely soft ready-made fillers. Granat Soft is available with a diameter of 225 mm.

  • sandpaper on foam backing

Product highlights

  • Achieve ideal results more quickly:

    Thanks to its soft foam base, Granat Soft ensures perfect sanding results on completely filled walls and ceilings of the highest surface finish class Q3/Q4.

  • Convenient and safe:

    The adaptable Soft pad facilitates reliable application when processing very soft ready-made fillers.

  • Systems get it done:

    The premium abrasive GRANAT impresses in every application with a high material removal capacity, excellent service life and perfect dust extraction.

Product details

  • Quick and simple for perfect surfaces

    The flexible foam base is particularly adaptable and enables reliable sanding of completely filled Q3/Q4 surfaces for a fine and scratch-free sanding finish.

  • The solution for soft ready-made fillers

    The premium abrasive Granat Soft impresses when working with very soft fillers in particular. The soft backing material adapts itself to every unevenness – for easy sanding and perfect results.

  • Optimum dust transportation

    Granat Soft offers reliable dust extraction when used together with the PLANEX long-reach sander and the compatible mobile dust extractor – for consistently high sanding performance and perfect sanding results.

  • For efficient and constant sanding

    Because of the exceptionally long service life, the abrasive needs changing less frequently – saving time and money.

Main applications

  • Processing dry wall filler, plaster, dispersion filler
  • For reliable sanding of completely filled Q3/Q4 surfaces
  • Ensures a very high level of adaptability and an even sanding finish on soft ready-made fillers

Performance features

  • StickFix STF

    Quick, economical fastening system for abrasives – no adhesives, no clamping.

Technical data

Foam height
3.50 mm
Qty. in pack
25.00 Pieces
225.00 mm

Items included STF D225 P150 GR S/25


Abrasive sheet

in bag

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