Oil dispenser

  • Polishing and oiling
    SURFIX Heavy Duty oil dispenser 0.3l
    OS-Set HD 0,3 l
  • Polishing and oiling
    SURFIX One Step oil dispenser, 0.3l
    OS-Set OS 0,3 l
  • Polishing and oiling
    SURFIX Outdoor oil dispenser, 0.3l
    OS-Set OD 0,3 l
  • Polishing and oiling
    SURFIX SYS3-SET oil dispenser

Oil dispensers are used when working with a wide range of heavy duty wood in internal areas including kitchen worktops, furniture, parquet, children’s toys and other external and internal wooden surfaces.

Within our oil dispenser collection you will find a wide range of products including the SURFIX Heavy Duty Oil Dispenser 0.3l, SURFIX One Step Oil Dispenser 0.3l, SURFIX Outdoor Oil Dispenser 0.3l.

All of the products featured within the collection enable clean, fast and ergonomic oil application that is far more economical and effective than using a brush or a cloth. Ideal for almost every internal and external application, all of our oil dispensers are also suited to light and dark woods.

Allowing you to achieve optimum results, more quickly, all of our oil dispensers will allow you to enjoy an excellent ergonomic design, exceptional cleanliness, a super absorbent sponge and natural surface protection.

Extremely versatile and easy to use, the oil dispenser can reach into on narrow corners and vertical areas, and the foam remains soft and reusable for long periods when stored securely in the tin provided.

Armed with over 90 years’ experience in providing quality and performance power tools, here at Festool, we offer products that make life easier for professional tradespeople – helping them to achieve high quality results quickly and efficiently.

Of course, if you require any further information about our oil dispensers, or any of our high quality, performance focused power tools, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our experienced and knowledgeable team is always on hand to answer any of your questions to ensure that you find the right tools for your requirements.