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Oil dispenser OS-SYS3-Set SURFIX

Order number 498063

Set versions

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Items included

  • base plate
  • heavy-duty oil bottle, 0.3 l
  • one-step oil bottle, 0.3 l
  • outdoor oil bottle, 0.3 l
  • 5x StickFix oil sponge
  • 5x green non-woven sanding pad
  • 5x white non-woven sanding pad
  • 10x sanding discs STF-D150 P180 RU2
  • 10x sanding discs STF-D150 P240 Granat
  • Qty. in pack: 1.00 Pieces

Oil application in its cleanest form.

The SURFIX oil dispenser makes oil application clean, fast and ergonomic – and significantly more economical than using a brush or cloth. The heavy-duty, one-step and outdoor oil types cover almost all internal and external applications – and are equally suited to light and dark woods. For ecological surface protection with a maximum quality finish.

  • Natural surface protection: high-quality natural oils, solvent-free and not harmful to the environment (all are sweat- and saliva-proof i.a.w. DIN 53 160)
  • Excellent ergonomic design: the full bottle clicks in and serves as a handle
  • Cleanliness: the safety valve ensures simple metering, closes the oil bottle and protects the oil from drying out
  • Clearly more economical than using a brush or cloth: the sponge with attached StickFix absorbs excesses and dispenses them again in the right places

Product highlights

  • Achieve ideal results more quickly:

    Even and precisely dosed oil application – with a combination of bottle and sponge.

  • Convenient and safe:

    The bottle is clicked into place and used as a handle, the valve dispenses when pressure is applied and closes the oil bottle.

  • Systems get it done:

    Always the right natural oil grade – heavy-duty, one-step and outdoor, for light and dark woods.

Product details

  • Extremely versatile

    Oiling even in narrow corners and vertical areas – quick and clean using this system.

  • Easy to change

    The bottles can be mounted to the base plate in one click and the sponges quickly replaced using the StickFix system.

  • Safe and clean

    The foam remains soft and reusable for long periods when stored in the tin provided.

Main applications

  • Complete set in the SYS 3 T-LOC incl. heavy-duty oil for heavy-duty surfaces in internal areas, one-step oil for decorative surfaces in internal areas and outdoor oil for all woods in external areas
  • Contains a comprehensive range of accessories and consumable materials for preparation work and oiling using the SURFIX system

Items included OS-SYS3-Set


Oil dispenser


  • Natural oil RF HD 0,3 l/2

    Order number: 498064

  • Natural oil RF HD 5l

    Order number: 498067

  • Oil sponge OS-STF 125x125/5

    Order number: 498070

  • Cleaning cloth RT PREMIUM 240x380/200

    Order number: 498071

Additional versions

  • Polishing and oiling
    SURFIX One Step oil dispenser, 0.3l
    OS-Set OS 0,3 l
  • Polishing and oiling
    SURFIX Outdoor oil dispenser, 0.3l
    OS-Set OD 0,3 l
  • Polishing and oiling
    SURFIX SYS3-SET oil dispenser
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