Long-reach sander

Long-reach sander

Easy, intuitive, maintenance-free – it has never been easier to prepare rooms for dry mortarless construction than with the Festool professional long-reach sander. Thanks to the optimum force transmission, sanding walls and ceilings is a work step which can be carried out quickly. This is the work of a powerful motor which is not equipped with a flexible shaft but instead has a direct drive. Thanks to their perfect ergonomics, which have been developed for manual operation, the long-reach sanders are particularly convenient to handle. This combination of power, functionality and intuitive operation ensures precise and impressive sanding results.

  • Sanding and brushing
    PLANEX easy LHS-E 225 long-reach sander
    LHS-E 225 EQ 110V LHS-E 225/CTM 36-Set 110V LHS-E 225 EQ 240V
  • NEW Sanding and brushing
    Long-reach sander PLANEX LHS 2 225
    LHS 2 225 EQI-Plus 110V LHS 2 225 EQI-Plus 240V
  • NEW Sanding and brushing
    Long-reach sander PLANEX LHS 2 225 CT 36 Set
    LHS 2 225/CTM 36-Set 110V
  • Sanding and brushing
    Long-reach sander PLANEX LHS 225
    LHS 225 EQ-Plus/IP 110V

Further information about our products

Further information about our products:

Our high-quality collection of long reach sanders are ideal for sanding walls and ceilings, as well as sanding plasterboard and removing carpet residue, coats of paint, coverings, adhesives, loose plaster and other coatings.

A great addition to any tool collection, this innovative device also makes dry walling quick and easy, allowing you to achieve the very best results in no time at all.

Within our range of high performance and quality focused Long Reach Sanders you will find a number of different products including the PLANEX easy LHS-E 225 long-reach sander, the Long reach sander PLANEX LHS 225, the Long-reach sander PLANEX LHS 225 CT 36 Set, as well as a number of accessories and consumable materials.

All of the products featured within this range are lightweight, easy to use and powerful. Ideal for all dry walling applications, our Long Reach Sanders will allow you to prepare rooms quickly and efficiently.

Offering easy handling, exceptional mobility and versatility, all of our products have been expertly designed to allow you to sand for longer. But that’s not all… you will also be able to reach ceilings and difficult corners using all of our Long Reach Sanders.

Renowned for their long service life, all of our products come complete with a number of performance features including EC-TEC motor, Plug it, Multi Material Control (MMC) electronics, CLEANTEC and a MPE sanding pad.

Armed with over 90 years’ experience in providing quality and performance power tools, here at Festool, we offer products that make life easier for professional tradespeople – helping them to achieve high quality results quickly and efficiently.

If you require any further information about Long Reach Sanders, or any of our high quality, performance focused power tools, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our experienced and knowledgeable team is always on hand to answer any of your questions to ensure that you find the right tools for your requirements.