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Stirrer MX 1600/2 E EF HS3R 240V

Order number 574810
MX 1600/2 E EF HS3R 240V

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Items included

MX 1600/2 E EF HS3R 240V
  • stirrer rod HS 3 160x600 R M14
  • ErgoFix adapter
  • double open-ended wrench
  • Qty. in pack: 1.00 Pieces
  • in carton

Extremely powerful for harsh industrial environments.

The MX 1600/2 stirrer can withstand the toughest of conditions, from heavy contamination to hard impacts or collisions, thanks to the drive with its long service life, the solid tubular steel frame, the switch guard and the rubber edges. The ErgoFix height adjustment enables the stirrer to be adjusted to the operator's height – for energy-saving work that also prevents back strain. The powerful 1500-watt motor and the two-gear transmission set the speed for the material being stirred: First gear for viscous materials such as concrete, screed, mortar and plaster, second for the light and fast mixing of large volumes of liquid materials.

  • ErgoFix height adjustment with integrated quick-change function
  • Stable rubber corners protect the machine against damage and, at the same time, enable secure set-down and non-slip leaning against the wall
  • Variable speed trigger and electronic speed control
  • Protective cap with labyrinth seal prevents the penetration of spray water and dirt
  • For tough and heavy material with high torque, 2-gear transmission
  • Powerful 1500 W motor with power electronics ensures constant power when mixing

Product highlights

  • Achieve ideal results more quickly:

    Mixing adapted to the material with 1500-watt and two-gear transmission for adaptation to the optimum speed.

  • Convenient and safe:

    Low-exertion mixing that protects the back thanks to ErgoFix height adjustment and ergonomic handle positioning.

  • Systems get it done:

    Ideally suited to the mixing material and volume – comprehensive range of stirrer baskets. Simple stirrer basket replacement thanks to quick-change function.

Product details

  • Ergonomic – mix while standing upright

    Simply adjust your stirrer to match your height with the patented ErgoFix height adjustment system. Mix in a natural upright working position for relaxed and effortless working.

  • Extremely sturdy design

    The stirrers can withstand the toughest of conditions, from heavy contamination to hard impacts or collisions, thanks to the drive with its long service life, the solid tubular steel frame, the switch guard and the rubber edges.

  • Shift up a gear

    At high speed or maximum strength: With the ErgoFix MX 1600/2, you can easily flick the switch. In first gear, you combine low speeds with maximum force, while high speeds are reached in second gear.

  • Extremely powerful

    The powerful 1500-watt motor in combination with the robust, high-torque transmission provides constant traction, even in the case of demanding mixing jobs up to 90 l and prolonged use.

  • Controlled power thanks to the variable speed trigger and speed control

    The easy-to-use variable speed trigger is fitted with a rubber cap to protect it from dirt. The tool delivers controlled power and increases speed gradually to prevent material from spraying out during start-up. The separate speed adjusting wheel can be used to set the appropriate speed level for every mixing application.

  • Lightning-quick changes without using tools

    The FastFix quick-change system allows the machine and stirrer basket to be separated without the use of tools and enables rapid replacement of the stirrer basket, as well as simple cleaning and space-saving transportation.

  • All within easy reach

    Extremely ergonomic parallel handles ensure easy and comfortable machine guidance. Thanks to the rubber coating, you always have a firm grip on the stirrer.

  • Slip-proof shock absorber

    Hard-wearing rubber corners provide effective protection against damage and prevent the machine from slipping.

  • One for all

    The ErgoFix adapter has a classic M14 tool holder so that all current stirrer baskets can be used. In addition, it is designed for the entire service life of the stirrer thanks to its special coating.

  • Effectively protected electronics

    The special protective cap prevents rain water from penetrating and guarantees an ideal air flow for motor cooling.

  • Mixing adapted to the material

    100% mixing of the material is a prerequisite for guaranteeing the material properties. Festool therefore offers special stirrer baskets for different materials.

Main applications

  • 2-gear stirrer for mixing applications up to 90 l
  • Ideal for mixing concrete, screed, mortar, plaster and larger quantities of liquid materials
  • 1st gear with maximum power is ideal for continuous applications and heavy materials
  • High speeds in 2nd gear are ideal for liquid material

Performance features

  • MMC digital electronics

    Processor controlled “Multi Material Control” power electronics provide adjustable and constant speeds as well as temperature monitoring for work on all types of material.

  • FastFix

    Makes changing routing, sawing, planing, sanding, drilling and screwdriving tools easier.

  • ErgoFix

    For holding a M14 stirring rod.

Technical data

Power consumption
1 500 W
Idling speed, 1st gear/2nd gear
150 - 300/320 - 650 min⁻¹
Tool holder
Collar dia.
57.00 mm
Max. mixer container diameter
160.00 mm
Mix quantity
90.00 l
6.40 kg

Noise and vibration values

Stirring: Uncertainty (vibration) K
1.50 m/s²
Stirring: Total vibration average, Ah
2.57 m/s²
Stirring: Uncertainty (noise) K
3.00 dB
Stirring: A-weighted sound pressure level, LpA
84.00 dB(A)
Stirring: A-weighted sound power level, LWA
95.00 dB(A)

Items included MX 1600/2 E EF HS3R 240V



  • Accessories
    Spiral stirrer

    HS 3 160x600 R M14

  • Accessories

    AD-EF-M14/80 ErgoFix


  • Spiral stirrer HS 3 160x600 L M14

    for MX 1600/2, MXP 1602

    Order number: 768709

  • Spiral stirrer HS 3 160x600 R M14

    for MX 1600/2, MXP 1602

    Order number: 768710

  • Spiral stirrer HS 2 160x600 M14

    for MX 1600/2, MXP 1602

    Order number: 769032

  • Disc stirrer WS 2 160x600 M 14

    for MX 1600/2, MXP 1602

    Order number: 769036

  • Adapter AD-EF-M14/80 ErgoFix

    Order number: 769091

  • Stirrer CS 160x600 M14

    for MX 1600/2, MXP 1602

    Order number: 769116

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    MX 1000 E EF HS2 240V
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    Stirrers MX 1200
    MX 1200 E EF HS2 240V
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