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plug it-cable H05 RN-F-10 240V

Order number 203940
UBS-PUR 360 plug it 240 V UBS-PUR 420 plug it 240 V H05 RN-F-4 H05 RR-F-4 110V H05 RR-F-4 PLANEX 110V H05 RN-F-10 240V H05 RN-F-5,5 H05 RN-F-4 PLANEX 240V

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Device changeover in seconds. Problem-free cable replacement. Almost all Festool tools are equipped with the plug-it system, which means they simply need to be connected in order to change devices. Even if the cable breaks, simply plug the new cable into the machine and continue working without interruption.

  • rubber insulated cable 240V plug it

Product highlights

  • Achieve ideal results more quickly:

    Time-saving device changeover in seconds by simply reconnecting the cable.

  • Convenient and safe:

    No tangle of cables and no tripping hazards due to multiple cables.

  • Systems get it done:

    One cable for all devices: Thanks to the plug-it system for virtually all Festool tools.

Product details

  • Change tools in seconds

    Since almost all Festool tools are equipped with the plug-it system, the cable simply needs to be reconnected. This saves time and removes tripping hazards – one cable instead of a tangle of cables.

  • Cable replacement in an instant

    In the case of a cable break – one of the most frequent causes of failure for electric power tools – the plug-it system minimises downtimes. The defective cable is simply replaced by a new one without the need for costly repairs and downtimes.

  • The right tool for every requirement

    The plug-it cable is available in various lengths and versions: 4, 7.5 and 10 m long, with rubber or PUR sheaths for heavy-duty applications.

  • From old to new

    Certain Festool machines can be retrofitted with the plug-it system. With the plug-it conversion kit.

Technical data

10.00 m

Items included H05 RN-F-10 240V


plug it-cable

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