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36-month theft protection

36 Monate Diebstahlschutz

Theft protection – even on the building site

Less complicated than insurance cover. Festool SERVICE all-inclusive insurance offers 36 months of protection against theft. Whether your machine is stolen from a workshop, vehicle or construction site, you will receive a brand new machine for an excess fee of only £100 inc VAT.


EXTRA SECURITY by registering for SERVICE all-inclusive: 

Go to online registration for SERVICE all-inclusive 

It's so simple:

• Register the machine for SERVICE all-inclusive
• In the event of a theft: report immediately to the police
• Submit the police report and service certificate to the Festool UK within 5 days of the theft
• You receive a new machine for an excess fee of £100 inc VAT


Service in detail

In the event of a theft, we will supply you with a new machine to replace your stolen machine without additional insurance costs, subject to payment of a £100 excess fee. The Festool GmbH provides this service for all successfully registered Festool machines for 36 months from the date on the original sales slip. The replacement machine is not protected against theft.

To take advantage of this service, the theft must be reported immediately to the relevant police authorities. Notice of the theft must be presented to Festool UK together with your service certificate within five days of the theft.

After the document is checked, Festool GmbH will inform you of the status of your claim and following approval by the Festool GmbH, the new machine can be collected from your local dealer partner on payment of the previously mentioned excess fee.