Cordless pendulum jigsaws

  • NEW Cordless products
    Cordless pendulum jigsaw CARVEX PSC 420 Li 18
    PSC 420 EB-Basic
  • Cordless products
    Cordless jigsaw CARVEX PSBC 420 Li 18
    PSBC 420 EB-Basic

A must-have for any professional tool kit, a cordless pendulum jigsaw will make light work of a wide range of projects – making even tight curves feel like straight lines!

Whether you’re cutting out space for a sink or kitchen hob, trimming furniture or kitchens, cutting circles and curves, edge notching on beams, or cutting from below, our cordless pendulum jigsaws will ensure that you can work quickly, accurately, and safely, to deliver optimum results.

Our cordless pendulum jigsaws include the Carvex PSC 420 Li EB Plus and the Carvex PSBC 420 Li EB Plus Cordless Pendulum Jigsaw.
Features include high performance, energy-efficient EC-TEC motors for powerful, fast sawing, specially developed hammer guides for optimum precision, and ergonomic designs that will allow you to work for long periods with minimum downtime.

Designed with safety in mind, our cordless pendulum jigsaws also boast features such as soft grip, which prevents slipping, and splinter guards, to minimise laborious reworking.

To complement our cordless pendulum jigsaws, we also provide a range of accessories such as battery packs, rapid chargers, and a variety of jigsaw blades, – everything you need to get the most out of your cordless pendulum jigsaw.

Armed with over 90 years’ experience in providing quality and performance power tools, here at Festool, we are dedicated to providing a wide range of products that make life easier for professional tradespeople – helping them to achieve high quality results quickly and efficiently.

Of course, if you require any further information about any of our cordless pendulum jigsaws, or any of our other high quality, performance focused power tools, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our experienced and knowledgeable team is always on hand to answer any of your questions to ensure that you find the right tools for your requirements.

What makes a good pendulum jigsaw?

The Festool jigsaw run at 90-degree cut, whether straight or on a curve, as well as the ability to make a splinter free cut without the disadvantage of a down-cutting blade.