DOMINO jointing system

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  • DOMINO jointing system
    Joining machine DOMINO DF 500
    DF 500 Q-Plus 240V DF 500 Q-Plus 110V DF 500 Q-Set 240V
  • DOMINO jointing system
    Joining machine DOMINO XL DF 700
    DF 700 EQ-Plus 240V

Further information about our products

Further information about our products:

DOMINO jointing system

Create flawless, robust and reliable joints with Festool’s superior DOMINO joining range.

Joinery professionals across the globe have reaped the many rewards of Festool’s professional Domino jointing system, with its ability to create solid and dependable joints quickly and easily.

No matter what your project requires, our Domino range of tools is sure to deliver superior results together with a flawless finish.

How the Domino system works

Festool’s superior range of Domino jointing systems work by cutting mortise and tenon style joints, which require specialist Domino tenons. With sizes ranging from 4 mm to 14 mm in width, our expert cutting equipment is adapted to help you create the exact right size of mortise required.

Enjoy complete flexibility with Festool’s Domino cutting system

Our range of professional tools offer complete freedom and flexibility without restrictions, as they can be used to create fence angles between 0 and 90 degrees as well as right angles the possibilities are endless.

Dual Domino systems

Festool offers two state-of-the-art power tools with the Domino system. The hand-held DOMINO DF 500 creates precision joints and boasts complete stability to successfully cut mortises with no kickback.

This superior tool is perfectly placed for cabinet makers, shopfitters and kitchen fitters due to its ability to work with Dominos up to 10 x 50 mm and its creation of rotation-free joints.

Festool’s other power tool, the DOMINO XL DF 700, is operated by hand and creates mortise sizes of up to 14 x 140 mm. This enables the fast and rapid creation of joints. Its unique patented pendulum routing principle enables the creation of smooth work with unrivalled accuracy, together with holes without scorch marks.

Enjoy precision results thanks to stops that are quick and easy to adjust. The DF 700 also boasts measurably shorter tooling times and up to 50% time saving when compared to stationary machines. The properties make the Domino XL ideally suited for furniture and door construction, as well as solid wood joints. Alongside this, the milling height and depth are also adaptable to differing material thicknesses.

Create solid, dependable joints quickly and easily

The specialist dowel shape, in combination with their swelling glue pockets and longitudinal grooves, create highly robust, reliable and solid connections.

Wide range of integrations and accessories

Festool’s Domino systems boast a wide range of integrations and accessories that can be used alongside your joining machines.

Wooden dowels such as the Sipo range are an ideal choice for outdoor use. Their weather resistant features and ability to fight against insect and mould attacks make them perfectly placed for outdoor projects.

Festool’s wide range of accessories will enhance your Domino purchase, such as Systainer containers, handrail fences, trim stops, cross stops and extra Dominos.

Reap the many rewards and improve the efficiency of your joinery operations with Festool’s state-of-the-art Domino jointing systems.