DOMINO jointing system

  • DOMINO jointing system
    Joining machine DOMINO DF 500

    DF 500 Q-Plus GB 240V DF 500 Q-Plus GB 110V DF 500 Q-Set GB 240 V
  • DOMINO jointing system
    Joining machine DOMINO XL DF 700

    DF 700 EQ-Plus GB 240V

With Festool's Domino joining equipment, you can create solid, dependable joints quickly and easily. Capable of creating reliable domino joints in a matter of seconds, our Domino range of tools has become a mainstay for joinery professionals across the world.

The Festool Domino system works by cutting mortise and tenon style joints, which require specialist Domino tenons. Our cutting equipment is adapted to create exactly the right size of mortise, with sizes ranging from 4 mm to 14 mm in width. Users aren't limited to right angle joints, either. Domino tools can be used to create fence angles between 0 and 90 degrees, giving users almost total flexibility.

We offer two power tools that will get you up and running with the Domino system. The Festool Domino 500 is designed to ensure precision joints. Although it is hand-held, the DF 500 has virtually no kickback, helping to keep it stable when cutting mortises. Capable of working with Dominos up to 10 x 50 mm, the DF 500 creates stable, rotation-free joints, making it the ideal tool for cabinet makers, shopfitters and glaziers alike.

The larger XL DF 700 is the other model of Festool Domino tool. Operated by hand, it can create mortise sizes of up to 14 x 140 mm, and enables the user to rapidly create joints in their woodworking projects.

All Domino customers can enhance their purchases with Festool accessories, including Systainer containers, handrail fences, trim stops, cross stops and extra Dominos.
Find the mix of Domino products that works for you. There's no easier way to improve the efficiency of your joinery operations.