Cordless products

  • NEW
    Cordless insulating-material saw ISC 240

    ISC 240 Li EB-Basic ISC 240 Li 3,1 EB-Compact GB ISC 240 Li 5,2 EBI-Plus GB ISC 240 Li 5,2 EBI-Set-FS GB
  • NEW
    Cordless random orbit sander ETSC 125

    ETSC 125 Li-Basic ETSC 125 Li 3,1-Plus GB ETSC 125 Li 3,1-Set GB
  • NEW
    Cordless delta sander DTSC 400

    DTSC 400 Li-Basic DTSC 400 Li 3,1-Plus GB DTSC 400 Li 3,1-Set GB
  • NEW
    Cordless orbital sander RTSC 400

    RTSC 400 Li-Basic RTSC 400 Li 3,1-Plus GB RTSC 400 Li 3,1-Set GB
  • HKC 55 cordless portable circular saw

    HKC 55 Li EB-Basic HKC 55 Li 5,2 EB-Plus GB HKC 55 Li 5,2 EB-Plus-SCA GB HKC 55 Li 5,2 EB-Set-FSK420 GB HKC 55 Li 5,2 EB-Set-FS GB
  • Cordless plunge-cut saw TSC 55

    TSC 55 Li REB-Basic TSC 55 Li 5,2 REB-Plus GB TSC 55 Li 5,2 REB-Plus/XL GB TSC 55 Li 5,2 REB-Plus-SCA GB TSC 55 Li 5,2 REB-Plus/XL-SCA GB TSC 55 Li 5,2 REB-Set-FS GB TSC 55 Li 5,2 REB-Set/XL-FS GB
  • Cordless hammer drill BHC 18

    BHC 18 Li-Basic BHC 18 Li 3,1-Compact GB BHC 18 Li 5,2-Plus GB
  • Cordless drill DRC

    DRC 18/4 Li-Basic DRC 18/4 Li 5,2-Plus GB DRC 18/4 Li 5,2-Plus-SCA GB DRC 18/4 Li 5,2-Set-SCA GB
  • Cordless drill CXS

    CXS Li 2,6-Set GB 240V
  • Cordless drill TXS

    TXS Li 2,6-Set GB 240V
  • C 18 cordless drill

    C 18 Li-Basic C 18 Li 3,1-Compact GB C 18 Li 5,2-Plus GB C 18 Li 5,2-Set GB
  • Cordless drill T 18+3

    T 18+3 Li-Basic T 18+3 Li 3,1-Compact GB T 18+3 Li 5,2-Plus GB T 18+3 Li 5,2-Set GB
  • Cordless percussion drills PDC

    PDC 18/4 Li-Basic PDC 18/4 Li 5,2-Plus GB PDC 18/4 Li 5,2-Plus-SCA GB PDC 18/4 Li 5,2-Set-SCA GB
  • DWC 18-2500 cordless drywall screwdriver

    DWC 18-2500 Li-Basic DWC 18-2500 Li 3,1-Compact GB DWC 18-2500 Li 5,2-Plus GB
  • DWC 18-4500 cordless drywall screwdriver

    DWC 18-4500 Li-Basic DWC 18-4500 Li 3,1-Compact GB DWC 18-4500 Li 5,2-Plus GB
  • Cordless pendulum jigsaw CARVEX PSC 420 Li 18

    PSC 420 Li EB-Basic PSC 420 Li 5,2 EB-Plus GB PSC 420 Li 5,2 EB-Plus-SCA GB PSC 420 Li 5,2 EB-Set GB
  • Cordless jigsaw CARVEX PSBC 420 Li 18

    PSBC 420 Li EB-Basic PSBC 420 Li 5,2 EB-Plus GB PSBC 420 Li 5,2 EB-Plus-SCA GB PSBC 420 Li 5,2 EB-Set GB
  • SYSLITE KAL II working light

    KAL II GB 240V KAL II-Set GB 240V
  • SYSROCK BR 10 construction site radio

    BR10 DAB+ GB 240V BR 10 GB 240V

Festool offers a comprehensive range of cordless products for trade professionals, with price brackets to suit any businesses budget. Whatever your level of experience or the requirements of your project, we can supply the cordless tools for the job.

If you are looking for a saw, our range of cordless tools features a variety of options, including circular saws, plunge-cut saws, and pendulum jigsaws. This includes highly adaptable models like our cordless plunge-cut saw, which can be fitted with single or double battery packs to reduce its weight or boost its power.

We also stock different types of portable cordless drills. The CXS and TXS models are compact and deliver impressive torque in cramped situations. Our hammer drills are ideal for drilling dowel holes or spot drilling tiles, while the well-balanced C-18 drill is perfect for furniture assembly. All our drills feature lithium-ion batteries, which deliver excellent battery life and keep their overall weight low.

Our cordless power tools collection also includes drywall screwdrivers that can be used at extremely high speeds - the ideal product for trade professionals. Other cordless professional essentials include working lights and sight radios - all of them engineered to be energy efficient, resilient and reliable.

These product areas come with a variety of price brackets, allowing customers to find a product that is right for their business. For example, products like the affordable C-18 drill is suitable for apprentices and up, while our cordless percussion drills or drywall screwdrivers are mainly aimed at more experienced professionals, but if you feel the need for a little extra torque they could still be the tools for you.

As Festool, we manufacture tools for everyone, not just construction professionals, carpenters or electricians. Whether you are a looking to supplement your work toolkit or you need cordless power tools to use in your home workshop, check out our range of drills, screwdrivers, saws, lights and radios.