Cordless products

  • NEW Cordless products
    VECTURO OSC 18 cordless oscillator

    OSC 18 Li E-Basic OSC 18 Li E-Basic Set OSC 18 Li 3,1 E-Set GB OSC 18 Li 3,1 E-Compact GB
  • NEW Cordless products
    Cordless insulating-material saw ISC 240

    ISC 240 Li EB-Basic ISC 240 Li 3,1 EBI-Compact GB ISC 240 Li 5,2 EBI-Plus GB ISC 240 Li 5,2 EBI-Set-FS GB
  • NEW Cordless products
    Cordless random orbit sander ETSC 125

    ETSC 125 Li-Basic ETSC 125 Li 3,1 I-Plus GB ETSC 125 Li 3,1 I-Set GB
  • NEW Cordless products
    Cordless delta sander DTSC 400

    DTSC 400 Li-Basic DTSC 400 Li 3,1 I-Plus GB DTSC 400 Li 3,1 I-Set GB
  • NEW Cordless products
    Cordless orbital sander RTSC 400

    RTSC 400 Li-Basic RTSC 400 Li 3,1 I-PlusGB RTSC 400 Li 3,1 I-Set GB
  • NEW Cordless products
    Cordless plunge-cut saw TSC 55

    TSC 55 Li REB-Basic TSC 55 Li 5,2 REBI-Plus-SCA GB TSC 55 Li 5,2 REBI-Plus/XL-SCA GB TSC 55 Li 5,2 REBI-Set-SCA-FS GB
  • NEW Cordless products
    HKC 55 cordless portable circular saw

    HKC 55 Li EB-Basic HKC 55 Li EB-Basic-FSK 420 HKC 55 Li EBI-Plus-SCA GB HKC 55 Li 5,2 EBI-Set-SCA-FSK 420 GB
  • NEW Cordless products
    Cordless hammer drill BHC 18

    BHC 18 Li-Basic BHC 18 Li 3,1 I-Compact GB BHC 18 Li 5,2 I-Plus GB
  • Cordless products
    Cordless drill DRC

    DRC 18/4 Li-Basic DRC 18/4 Li 5,2-Plus GB DRC 18/4 Li 5,2-Plus-SCA GB DRC 18/4 Li 5,2-Set-SCA GB
  • Cordless products
    Cordless drill CXS

    CXS Li 2,6-Set GB 240V
  • Cordless products
    Cordless drill TXS

    TXS Li 2,6-Set GB 240V
  • NEW Cordless products
    C 18 cordless drill

    C 18 Li 5,2-Plus GB C 18 Li 5,2-Set GB C 18 Li 3,1-Compact GB C 18 Li-Basic
  • NEW Cordless products
    Cordless drill T 18+3

    T 18+3 Li-Basic T 18+3 Li 3,1-Compact GB T 18+3 Li 5,2-Plus GB T 18+3 Li 5,2-Set GB
  • Cordless products
    Cordless percussion drills PDC

    PDC 18/4 Li-Basic PDC 18/4 Li 5,2-Plus GB PDC 18/4 Li 5,2-Plus-SCA GB PDC 18/4 Li 5,2-Set-SCA GB
  • Cordless products
    DWC 18-2500 cordless drywall screwdriver

    DWC 18-2500 Li-Basic DWC 18-2500 Li 3,1-Compact GB DWC 18-2500 Li 5,2-Plus GB
  • Cordless products
    DWC 18-4500 cordless drywall screwdriver

    DWC 18-4500 Li-Basic DWC 18-4500 Li 3,1-Compact GB DWC 18-4500 Li 5,2-Plus GB
  • NEW Cordless products
    Cordless pendulum jigsaw CARVEX PSC 420 Li 18

    PSC 420 Li EB-Basic PSC 420 Li5,2 EBI-Plus GB PSC 420 Li 5,2 EBI-Set GB
  • NEW Cordless products
    Cordless jigsaw CARVEX PSBC 420 Li 18

    PSBC 420 Li EB-Basic PSBC 420 Li 5,2 EBI-Plus GB PSBC 420 Li 5,2 EBI-Set GB
  • Cordless products
    SYSLITE KAL II working light

    KAL II GB 240V KAL II-Set GB 240V
  • Cordless products
    SYSROCK BR 10 construction site radio

    BR10 DAB+ GB 240V BR 10 GB 240V

Cordless products

Mobile, convenient and efficient working is made possible with Festool’s comprehensive range of cordless tools for trade professionals.

Whether your job requires precision drilling, sawing or screw driving, whatever your requirements, level of expertise or budget, Festool’s cordless tools will offer the ideal solution.

Unlocking ease and convenience without any compromise on power, you are sure to find a perfectly suited cordless tool to meet your needs with Festool’s range of products.

Convenience and efficient working

Here at Festool, we fully appreciate the demands on professional tradespeople and the tools required to carry out a high-quality job, and our range of cordless essentials are sure to impress.

Completely independent of power outlets and cables, the range allows you to focus purely on the job in hand free of any unwanted disruptions. From cordless saws to drills, sanders, screwdrivers and other essentials, our cordless equipment is engineered to deliver precision accuracy, energy efficiency and resilience.

High performance cordless equipment

Experience Festool’s wide range of high-performing cordless products:

Cordless saws

If you are looking for a cordless circular saw, plunge-cut saw or pendulum saw, Festool’s range is the ideal choice.

This includes the new cordless plunge-cut saw TSC 55. With its powerful 5200 revolutions per minute and variable speed control and angle settings, you can work efficiency together with precision accuracy. Festool’s dual battery concept delivers outstanding power with the lithium-ion battery and Festool EC-TEC motor.

Cordless drills

Like all Festool cordless drills, Festool’s cordless percussion drill PDC 18/4 Li-Basic QUADRIVE maximises comfort, power and performance. The brushless EC-TEC motor maximises service life and efficiency. With 4-speed gearbox capable of 3800 rpm it generates extreme power for rapid and clean drilling results. This impressive cordless drill offers an ideal solution for easy fastening and drilling. The combination of four-speed transmission, brushless EC-TEC motor, lithium-ion battery and connectable axial impact feature also ensures fast and powerful screwdriving.

Cordless sanders

Cordless sanders, like Festool’s Oribital sander RTSC 400 Li-Basic, guarantees cordless mobility and ease of movement when working. The 18V battery pack with 3.1 Ah delivers power equivalent to a mains-powered sanding tool.

An appealing combination of compact design, weight of 1.4kg, together with perfect ergonomics and weight distribution allows tasks to be completed quickly and efficiently.

Battery packs with a 3.1 Ah capacity enable the tool to run without interruptions, and they can even be plugged into the mains adaptor for unlimited running times for longer projects.

Cordless jigsaws

Achieve precision accuracy and flawless results with strong traction, superb handling and SoftGrip with cordless jigsaws such as Festool’s Cordless pendulum jigsaw PSC 420 Li EB-Basic CARVEX.

This impressive tool achieves 3,800 strokes per minute, with the specially-developed hammer guide and guide jaws with parallel adjustment keeping the saw blade on track to deliver unrivalled precision.

Work in complete comfort for sustained periods thanks to its appealing ergonomic design. This jigsaw generates the power of a corded tool, delivers strong traction and achieves excellent curve handling thanks to its triple saw blade guide.

AIRSTREAM technology

The Festool Li-ion 5.2 Ah battery pack with AIRSTREAM technology guarantees faster charging of battery packs providing less work interruption – even for energy-intensive applications such as sawing.

Our new battery packs have an integrated cooling duct, which ensures the entire charging process can be reduced by up to 65% in combination with our SCA 8 rapid charger.

Furthermore, they are extremely robust, with an integrated rubber frame to protect the tool and battery pack. Thanks to the charge indicator, you can always clearly see the battery charge level.

Intelligent and brushless: the Festool 18V battery system

The appealing combination of lithium ion batteries together with the brushless EC-TEC motor combines all the advantages you need from a high-performing cordless tool.

This combination delivers a longer service life, more efficient use of each battery charge within each tool and a longer service life. This, together with brushless design, enables a significantly more compact and weight-reduced design which makes for less tiresome work.