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Festool's oscillating multi-tool collection delivers great performance and functionality for trade professionals and home users. If you need a compact, easy to handle, adaptable multi-tool, our oscillator tool will be the ideal choice.

The VECTURO oscillating power tool has a huge range of capabilities that make it suitable for many different work settings. It can be used to make precise plunge cuts in plasterboard, to remove putty from windows, extract silicone or adhesives, cut skirting board to size and even saw through non-ferrous metals. It's the kind of multi-tool that will constantly be useful, whether you need it for work or domestic projects.

Lightweight and easy to use for long periods, our oscillating multi tool has an ergonomic housing and a rubber handle that sits naturally in the hand. Despite its light design, the 400W motor packs plenty of punch, and can cut through wood, plasterboard, plastics and metals.

Our oscillating tool is also extremely adaptable. You can attach scrapers and saw blades with a variety of depths, and fittings can be changed rapidly thanks to the depth stop without needing specialist tools.

It is also extremely quick to set up and start using. Whenever you need to use the tool, you can simply add the right accessories, plug it in and start processing the materials you are working with. Set up times are minimal, allowing you to get on with your tasks.

Adaptable, powerful, quick and easy to use, our oscillating power tool will become an indispensable part of your toolkit in no time.