Sliding compound mitre saws

Compound mitre saw

Compound mitre saws are the perfect tool for accurate angled and mitre cuts. The high precision and power of a Festool compound mitre saw produces excellent results for joiners, floor layers and carpenters. The high-quality machines impress professional tradespeople with their absolute robustness and intuitive operation. This even allows users to perform complicated compound mitre and cross-cuts with a large cutting width. The compound mitre saw's strengths particularly come to the fore when cutting square timber, slats or profiles to size. And with the appropriate saw blade, it can also be used to precisely and reliably machine plastic or metal workpieces.

  • Sawing
    Sliding compound mitre saw KAPEX KS 60
    KS 60 E 240V KS 60 E 110V KS 60 E-SET 240V KS 60 E-SET 110V KS 60 E-Set/XL-UG 240V KS 60 E-Set/XL-UG 110V
  • Sawing
    Sliding compound mitre saw KAPEX KS 88
    KS 88 RE 240V KS 88 RE 110V
  • Sawing
    KAPEX KS 120 R sliding compound mitre saw
    KS 120 REB 240V KS 120 REB 110V KS 120 Set-UG 240V KS 120 Set-UG 110V KS 120 REB-Set-MFT 110V KS 120 REB-Set-MFT 240V

Further information about our products

Further information about our products:

Cutting precisely and smoothly in all directions, a sliding compound mitre saw will prove to be a valuable addition to any professional toolbox.

Within our range of high performance sliding compound mitre saws, you’ll find the Sliding Compound Mitre Saw KAPEX KS 60, the Sliding Compound Mitre Saw KAPEX KS 88, and the Sliding Compound Mitre Saw KAPEX KS 120.

The saws in our collection offer a variety of impressive features, including ergonomically positioned carrying handles, cable holders, transport safety devices, and more.

Thanks to the error-free transfer of the angle with the bevel and LED spotlights for enhanced visibility of the scribe mark, a sliding compound mitre saw will also help to minimise waste and material costs.

For further functionality and reliability, we offer a range of accessories and consumable materials to complement your sliding compound mitre saw. From universal saw blades, fine tooth saw blades, special saw blades, and trimming attachments, we’ve got everything you need to ensure you get the most out of your saw, whatever you’re working on.

Armed with over 90 years’ experience in providing quality and performance power tools, here at Festool, we offer products that make life easier for professional tradespeople – helping them to achieve high quality results quickly and efficiently.

Of course, if you require any further information about our sliding compound mitre saws, or any of our other high quality, performance focused power tools, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Our experienced and knowledgeable team is always on hand to answer any of your questions to ensure that you find the right tools for your requirements.