Semi-stationary work

  • NEW Semi-stationary work
    Mobile workshop
    MW 1000 Basic MW 1000
  • Semi-stationary work
    Multifunction table MFT 3
    MFT/3 MFT/3 Basic MFT/3-VL 240V
  • Semi-stationary work
    multifunction table MFT KAPEX
  • Semi-stationary work
    Multifunction table MFT CONTURO
    MFT/3 Conturo-AP
  • Semi-stationary work
    Sliding compound mitre saw KAPEX KS 60
    KS 60 E 240V KS 60 E 110V KS 60 E-SET 240V KS 60 E-SET 110V KS 60 E-Set-UG 240V KS 60 E-Set-UG 110V KS60E-Set/XL-UG 240V KS60E-Set/XL-UG 110V
  • Semi-stationary work
    Sliding compound mitre saw KAPEX KS 88
    KS 88 RE 240V KS 88 RE 110V
  • Semi-stationary work
    Sliding compound mitre saw KAPEX KS 120
    KS 120 REB 240V KS 120 REB 110V KS 120 Set-MFT 240V KS 120 Set-MFT 110V KS 120 Set-UG 240V KS 120 Set-UG 110V
  • Semi-stationary work
    Trimming saw PRECISIO CS 50
    CS 50 EBG 240V CS 50 EG 110V CS 50 EBG-Set 240V CS 50 EG-Set 110V
  • Semi-stationary work
    Trimming saw PRECISIO CS 70
    CS 70 EBG 240V CS 70 EB 110V CS 70 EBG-Set 240V CS 70 EG-Set 110V
  • Semi-stationary work
    UG-KAPEX KS 120 UG-KA-KS 120-Set

If you are engaged in complex, precision work, Festool's range of semi-stationary processing tools will be the right solution. We offer multi-functional tables, trim saws, sliding compound mitre saws and compact module systems that enable professionals to build the ideal work stations for their projects.

Our CMS (compact module system) is unique in the field. It allows the user to attach multiple tools, including bench saws, jigsaws and belt sanders, permitting complex processing at a single location. Easy to fold away and transport, our CMS is your one-stop solution for sanding, sawing and routing jobs.

For other projects, our multi-functional table could be the right way to go. Equipped with features like an angle stop, support unit and swivel unit, the table is ergonomically designed and adaptable, allowing you to work on a huge variety of materials and shapes safely and easily.

Our semi-stationary range also extends to sliding compound mitre saws. The KAPEX range includes cutting depths of between 60 and 120 mm and packs plenty of muscle into incredibly compact, easy to handle packages. The SYMMETRIC model also make more complex cross-cuts simpler thanks to its built in calculation features. All can be mounted onto processing stations wherever they are needed.

Finally, our trimming saws come in 50 and 70 mm varieties and will be the right option for precision cutting. Enjoy fast blade changes thanks to the FastFix system, customise your saw with the multi-function handle, and attach it to extension tables to add extra functionality.

Whatever your semi-stationary processing needs, Festool will have a tool for you. Just check out our range and find the perfect product.