Just set up and start sawing

Mobile working with the new STM 1800 saw table and work bench 

Sawing panels without working aids: The STM 1800 saw table and work bench is mobile and can be used in the workshop as well as on the construction site. Large panels are usually machined in workshops with stationary systems, which often cost more than €10,000. However, not every workshop can afford this, and there may even simply not be the space for the bench. Neither have there been any suitable solutions with respect to flexible working and assembly work. To date, the easiest and most common solution has been machining supported by trestles or using home-made aids. With the STM 1800, Festool has developed something completely new: A professional solution for machining large panels. Thanks to a special folding system, the table is light and compact to transport and can be turned into a mobile panel saw in no time at all in conjunction with a saw and guide rail. This means longitudinal and cross cuts are possible in various types of materials and the cut material remains secure on the table. In addition, precise and repeatable perpendicular cuts are guaranteed without readjustment in combination with the 90° angle stop. The angle stop can be mounted onto the guide rail and, in combination with the portable circular saw and the STM 1800, turns into a mobile panel saw. Another advantage is that all parts, such as wooden coverings, holders, buttons and wheels, are firmly secured to the table, meaning nothing can go missing.

More information is available here.