• Routing
    Router OF 1010

    OF 1010 EBQ-Plus 240V OF 1010 EBQ-Set 240V OF 1010 EQ-Set 110V OF 1010 EQ-Plus 110V
  • Routing
    Router OF 1400

    OF 1400 EBQ-Plus 240V OF 1400 EQ-Plus 110V
  • Routing
    Router OF 2200

    OF 2200 EB-Plus 240V OF 2200 EB-Plus 110V OF 2200 EB-Set 240V OF 2200 EB-Set 110V
  • Routing
    Edge router OFK 500

    OFK 500 Q-Plus R3 240V
  • Routing
    Edge router OFK 700

    OFK 700 EQ-Plus 240V
  • Routing
    Module edge router MFK 700

    MFK 700 EQ-Set 240V MFK 700 EQ-Set 110V MFK 700 EQ/B-Plus 240V
  • Routing
    Aluminium composite milling machine PF 1200

    PF 1200 E-Plus Alucobond
  • Routing
    Jointing system VS 600

    VS 600 GE

Festool's range of routers will suit any trade professionals who regularly face complex carpentry challenges. We offer a selection of conventional and edge routers along with joint systems and aluminium composite milling machines, enabling you to choose exactly the right tools for your job.

Our conventional router tool selection varies from power ratings of 1010 W to 2200 W. All models have been designed to minimise their weight, making them as easy to handle as possible. They also feature spindle stops, making it simple to change cutters when required, you can change the routing depth at the flick of a switch, while the quick-acting brakes make operating our routers extremely safe. Whether you are rebating window frames or recessing a metal fitting, our routers will be a key ally.

At Festool, you'll also find advanced OFK edge routers that deliver 450 and 720 W of power. The compact 450 model is ideal for precision work, while the larger 720 model that allows you to process large and small pieces with either curved or straight edges. The MFK 700 is another alternative, offering versatile performance and easy speed adjustments.

Our range of routing power tools can also be combined with the VS 600 jointing system to create flexible woodworking systems. Capable of handling dovetail, box and dowelling joints, the VS 600 allows carpenters to easily make precision joints in both hardwoods and softwoods.

Finally, you can also purchase composite milling machines like the PF 1200, which is the ideal tool for creating regular, 90 and 135 degree grooves in aluminium composites.

Build the set of tools you need by checking out Festool's comprehensive routing selection.