When we talk about cutting the perfect edge, we mean just that.

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NEW Order number 574606

Edge bander KA 65 Plus GB 240V

Set versions

Items included

  • front handle
  • 4x EVA adhesive, natural

1885.00 GBP RRP exc. VAT

2262.00 GBP RRP inc. VAT

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Items included KA 65 Plus GB 240V

  • front handle
  • 4x EVA adhesive, natural

The start of the perfect edge.

For furniture edging that is worthy of being called "perfect". With an integral system that accompanies the new CONTURO KA 65 from the workpiece being prepared right through to the perfect edge finish. For classic furniture edging or manufacturing shaped parts with convex or concave curves. For finishing work in wood, melamine or plastic. For variable edge heights and material thicknesses up to 3 mm.
  • Easy, clean and efficient working progress and patented cartridge gluing system for quick colour changes
  • Precision glue application for a perfect join quality and maximum adhesion
  • Nozzle system that is easy to clean, machine housing does not heat up, allowing safe working progress
  • Adhesive melts according to requirements and does not boil, discolour or deteriorate
  • Easy to handle, perfect ergonomics, clear view of the workpiece
  • Perfect in a system - integrated in a complete system of accessories and consumable materials for achieving the perfect edge

Product details

  • Straight, curved and mitred edges.

    For attaching edging to rectangular components, inner corners, curves, radii, convex and concave shapes. Internal radius up to 50 mm; minimum external radius of 25-30 mm. Gluing inclined edges at an angle of 0 - 47°.

  • Mobile or stationary.

    The CONTURO is suitable for mobile or stationary use: Attachment of edging to mitred surfaces is even possible (angle 0° - 47°) in stationary use. When used as a mobile machine, it can rapidly perform rework on site.

  • Wood, plastic, melamine.

    Suitable for all standard edge materials, from wood and plastic to melamine. For edge heights of 18-65 mm and edge thicknesses of 0.5-3.0 mm.

  • For an even wider range of applications.

    Four different adhesive colours (white, natural, brown and black) guarantee the perfect join quality, whatever your decor. And with the new polyurethane adhesive, waterproof and heat-resistant gluing (for example for bathroom and kitchen furnishings) is now easy.

  • Unique cartridge gluing system.

    Easy, clean and efficient work as well as quick colour changes thanks to the unique cartridge gluing system. The glue is only ever melted as required, avoiding coagulation, discolouration and deterioration.

  • Perfect quality.

    Precision glue application for a perfect join quality and maximum adhesion.

  • Everything in view.

    The display conveniently guides you through all working steps and also provides important information, for example it is possible to see at all times how many metres of edging can be processed at the set edge height and adhesive quantity.

  • Always ready to use.

    Nozzle system that is easy to clean. Self-contained system that prevents the unwanted escape of glue.

  • Perfect ergonomics.

    The horizontally mounted application system guarantees perfect weight distribution, while the pressure on the handles is transferred to the contact roller automatically – for effortless work. Force is transferred irrespective of the edge height because the machine is guided securely along the top of the workpiece. This also makes it easier to adjust the edge height and provides a better view of the glued edge through the support base.

  • Low heating.

    Device housing does not heat up, ensuring safety while working.

  • Tight radii, long edges.

    For narrow radii and awkward spots: The additional roller. It increases the bending radius of the edge and provides an additional pressure point during positioning for better adhesion. Another practical accessory: The edge bander. Long edge bands (approx. 150 cm and longer) are rolled up neatly in the additional holder – for clean processing and full freedom of movement.

  • Trimming.

    Trimming plastic edging, even up to abutting surfaces: KP 65/2 trimming machine for edge heights of 18–65 mm and edge thicknesses of 0.5–2.0 mm.

  • Routing

    Flush trimming and rounding protruding edges: MFK 700 EQ/B-Plus edge router with ball bearing brake for clean results. Precision fine adjustment delivers perfect working results.

  • Smoothing

    Remove the last residues remaining after routing and smooth impact marks using the scraper with integral R1, R1.5 and R2 mm radii.

  • Sanding and polishing

    Everything for a perfect finish: Hand sanding block, sanding cloth, abrasive, polishing felt and polishing agent; all perfectly adapted to one another. Practical: All accessory parts, sanding and polishing accessories from "Edge trimming set" SYS KB-KA 65 come in a Systainer.

  • It's all about the perfect edge finish.

    From the trimming machine and spot repair scraper, through to abrasives and polishes – everything is sorted and clear to see in the SYSTAINER "Edge trimming set".

Main applications

  • Affixing wooden, plastic or laminated plastic edging to panel materials
  • Possible to attach edging to simple rectangular components or more complex free forms
  • Also as an addition to the machining centre, for affixing edging to complex free form and round elements
  • Suitable for mobile use, for rapidly reworking edges in situ
  • Suitable for stationary use and small batches, straight edges, free form elements and gluing inclined edges, angle from 0-47°

Performance features

  • FastFix

    Makes changing routing, sawing, planing, sanding, drilling and screwdriving tools easier.

Technical data

Edge height
18 - 65 mm
Edge thickness
0,5 - 3,0 mm
Inner radius
> 50 mm
Heating time
8.00 min
Melting temperature
100 - 210 °C
Feed speed
2/4 m/min
Safety class
Power consumption
1 200 W
7.9 kg

Noise and vibration values

Edge banders: A-weighted sound power level, LWA
76 dB(A)
Edge banders: Uncertainty (noise) K
3 dB
Edge banders: Total vibration average, Ah
2.5 m/s²
Edge banders: Uncertainty (vibration) K
1.5 m/s²
Edge banders: A-weighted sound pressure level, LpA
65 dB(A)

Items included KA 65 Plus GB 240V


Edge bander


Brochures and operating instructions


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