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Wallpaper perforator TP 220

Order number 495747
TP 220

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Items included

TP 220
  • protective cover
  • telescoping handle
  • Qty. in pack: 1.00 Pieces
  • in carton

Attacks the wallpaper. Then removes it.

Tough on wallpaper, gentle on walls. The penetration depth for the rollers can be adjusted individually because not all wallpaper is the same. It protects the surface underneath from damage. A completely new working principle reduces the amount of physical force required and the adjustable telescopic arm makes the TP 220 wallpaper perforator perfect for rooms with high ceilings.

  • Little effort is required because of the completely new working principle
  • The adjustable penetration depth of the rollers protects the subsurface from being damaged
  • The adjustable telescoping handle is perfect for working in rooms with high walls and on ceilings
  • Protective cover for safe and clean transport
  • Light weight for less tiring work

Product highlights

  • Achieve ideal results more quickly:

    Saves time and effort. Different rollers that are moving quickly ensure that wallpaper is efficiently perforated.

  • Convenient and safe:

    No damage to the wall thanks to precise penetration depth set to the carpet in question.

  • Innovative down to the finest detail:

    The working principle enables water to flow optimally behind the wallpaper and then penetrate into it.

Product details

  • Completely new working principle

    Because of the rollers that are quickly rotating at different speeds, funnel-shaped openings are produced that let water optimally flow in behind the wallpaper and then penetrate into it.

  • Protects the subsurface

    The wallpaper penetration depth of the rollers can be set precisely, thereby protecting the wall against damage.

  • Lighter and higher

    Because of its light weight and adjustable telescoping handle, the TP 220 is optimally suited for working in rooms with high walls and on ceilings.

  • Quick roller change

    The exchangeable rollers make the TP 220 an extremely economical solution.

  • Safe and clean

    The guard ensures safe storage and protects the rollers during transport.

Main applications

  • Carpet removal

Technical data

Telescoping handle length
900 - 1 300 mm
Max. depth adjustment
3.50 mm
Cutting diameter
45.00 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H)
168 x 224 x 52 mm
1.50 kg

Items included TP 220


Wallpaper perforator


  • Replacement roller EW-TP 220

    for TP 220

    Order number: 496111

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