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Order number 497565
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Lock. Open. Connect. With a single turn.

In the Festool SYSTAINER T-LOC, everything has its place, is clearly organised and always to hand: Machines, hand tools, accessories, small parts and other equipment. The pivotal point is the T-LOC, the central control element: Close, open, connect with just a single turn. Particularly time-saving: With T-LOC, the SYSTAINER T-LOC can be opened without having to disconnect it beforehand.

  • 1x cover for label field

Product highlights

  • Achieve ideal results more quickly:

    No more unnecessary searching, hand movements or compartments. Order and clear organisation save time and create a highly professional appearance.

  • Convenient and safe:

    Everything is effectively protected against dust, spray water and impacts.

  • Systems get it done:

    Compatible with and can be coupled to SYSTAINER Classic, SORTAINER, SYS tool box and SYS-StorageBox, Festool mobile dust extractors and Workcenters.

Product details

  • Available in five sizes

    As SYS T-LOC 1 to 5. Heights: 105 mm, 157.5 mm, 210 mm, 315 mm and 420 mm. Sizes 1 to 3 also available with lid compartment.

  • Open, close, connect with a single turn

    T-LOC is the central control element which combines three functions in one and is incredibly easy to operate.

  • Always accessible

    The SYSTAINER T-LOC can be opened without having to disconnect it beforehand.

  • Can be carried upright

    For SYS T-LOC sizes 1 and 2, a sliding handle is available as an accessory.

  • Clear marking

    Label fields for inserting business cards or labels that can be created and printed easily and with a clear font via the Festool website.

  • Secure connection

    SYSTAINER T-LOCS can be connected to one another and to SYSTAINER Classic, SORTAINER, SYS tool box and SYS StorageBox.

  • Professional appearance

    This will also impress your customers: Tidy, organised appearance when put to use directly on the customer's site.

  • All-round protection

    Dust and spray water don't stand a chance. Protected against temperature fluctuations and impacts, easy to transport. Deep-drawer inserts for Festool machines are available separately.

  • SYSTAINERS for maximum robustness

    The combination of 100% ABS plastic and a robust structural design guarantees maximum strength.

  • For extreme temperatures

    SYSTAINERS are designed for temperatures of +90°C to -40°C. In short: They are indestructible.

Main applications

  • Permanent organisation, clear overview, flexible modules
  • Saves significant time, effort, movement, expense
  • Simple, compact transport
  • Provides a professional appearance to customers

Technical data

Dimensions (L x W x H)
396 x 296 x 210 mm
Dimensions with adjustable legs (L x W x H)
396 x 296 x 217 mm
Inner dimensions (L x W x H)
382 x 266 x 180 mm
1.80 kg

Items included SYS 3 TL




  • Cover pad SE-DP SYS 1-5 TL

    for SYS 1-5 T-LOC

    Order number: 498044

  • Cover AB-BF SYS TL 55x85mm /10

    Order number: 497855

  • SYS-Cart RB-SYS

    Order number: 495020

  • Diced foam insert set SYS-VARI RM TL

    for SYS 1-5 T-LOC

    Order number: 497878

  • Systainer-Port SYS-PORT 500/2

    Order number: 491921

  • Systainer-Port SYS-PORT 1000/2

    Order number: 491922

  • SYS-Roll SYS-Roll 100

    Order number: 498660

  • Base pad SE-BP SYS 1-5 TL

    for SYS 1-5 T-LOC

    Order number: 498045

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