Working with the Festool compact dust extractor

The new kid among the compact dust extractors

The new compact dust extractors set the benchmark since this year. On the construction site they are perfect.

The new CLEANTEC CT MINI and MIDI compact dust extractors with integrated Bluetooth® technology* are ideal partners for mobile working on construction sites.
It’s no secret that working on-site means working quickly and efficiently. Customers expect the best quality and in increasingly shorter time frames. Every single hand movement matters. As well as having the right tool system, which can be used to achieve first-rate results quickly and efficiently - flexibility and mobility are needed. The new CLEANTEC CTL MINI, CTL MIDI or CTM MIDI compact dust extractors addresses precisely these requirements, so they’re made for flexible and efficient use on construction sites.

Flexible work at construction site

It’s always easier to travel with small bags – the same is true in particular for the daily journey to a construction site. Festool has re-engineered its successful compact dust extractor for exactly this scenario. The new CLEANTEC CT MINI and MIDI with tank capacities of 10 and 15 litres respectively have been on the market since January 2019. They are mobile, sophisticated, will fit anywhere to transport them and will impress with their immense suction power.
The Festool CT Mini and Midi
The Fetsool Cleantec CT Midi

Easy filter bag change

The CT MINI and CT MIDI are mobile dust extractors for dust category L. The new CTM MIDI is still one step ahead of its generation: it’s the first compact dust extractor with approval for dust category M, making it suitable for wood and mineral dust. The automatic suction hose detection sets the category M dust extractor to the right suction hose diameter, preventing faults in the system. Manual filter and filter bag cleaning ensure consistently high suction power and increase the level of filling of the filter bag when there is a high proportion of fine dust. When changing the main filter, the extractor head no longer needs to be removed, as the main filter is located in a cartridge that can be opened from the outside like a drawer.
Easy filter bag change at the Festool dust extractor

Control per touch panel

The touch control panel is new and innovative, providing intuitive control of the mobile dust extractor. What’s more, the mobile dust extractor can conveniently be started automatically via remote control or using a Bluetooth® battery pack, thanks to in-built Bluetooth® functionality*. No retrofitting is required. The smooth suction hose is even easier to stow away and can be tucked away completely in the internal hose holder, leaving the entire dust extraction system compact and easy to handle, even when it’s being transported. The new quick-change function for the mains power cable is just as practical. The CT MIDI can, of course, be attached to any Festool SYSTAINERS using SYS-Dock. And then, of course, there’s the outstanding manoeuvrability, which – thanks to the relatively large castors and robust chassis – is so good that we’ve even incorporated a brake in the CT MIDI. This prevents it moving when floors slope steeply and keeps it safe when on scaffolding. All these innovative details add up to make the new Festool CT MIDI a compact dust extractor that’s in a class of its own. Even so, this little machine is already one of the true greats of its generation.

* The versions with Bluetooth® technology are not available in all countries. Please contact your dealer for further information.

The touch control panel at the Festool dust extractor