Turns the screw and not your wrist

The new TID 18 cordless impact screwdriver

The new TID 18 boasts a brushless and extremely powerful new-generation EC-TEC motor. The compact powerhouse with its extremely robust hammer mechanism has further advantages. For example, it is ready for unlimited, long-lasting use thanks to durable quality components and the 4.0 Ah Li-HighPower Compact battery pack with 20% less weight ensures perfect handling, without reducing maximum power and endurance. The TID is best suited for all work that requires optimum ergonomic comfort and handling in combination with the battery pack. Moreover, the turning screw will take the full force of the TID 18 with its ¼" tool holder – with no strain at all on your wrist. This is thanks to the tangential hammer mechanism with no strength-sapping back torque. The machine weight of just 960 grams also allows you to work for longer without becoming tired.

Intelligent and powerful

Its three speed settings and intelligent T-mode for work that is adapted to the material means that the TID 18 can provide the right power for any screwdriving application – and the kickback-free tangential hammer protects your wrist. When fitting sheet metal to wood with self-tapping screws, the intelligent "T-mode" detects the transition and automatically adapts the speed. When switching on the machine and starting the drilling process with a low torque, the machine turns at maximum speed without impact loading to ensure effective drilling. Once the torque increases due to the commencing screwdriving process (= gripping the thread in the wood), the machine independently reduces the speed and only then begins impact loading. In addition to the T-mode, users have three other gears that can provide the right speed for any work.

The advantages of three gears and T-mode:

  • Protection against the screw head breaking off
  • Protection against the screw spinning ("endless thread")
  • Selection of speeds adapted to the material
  • Precise screwdriving of smaller screws
  • Any damage to screws or attachments is avoided
  • More information is available here.