During the promotional period from 1st July 2019 up to and including 31st August 2019, purchase a Festool tool and claim up to £100 cashback. It’s very simple:

Claim £25, £50 or £100

All participating tools including part numbers and cashback amounts at a glance

Please note: This PDF contains the latest Festool range only. However, any other tools that you may purchase through your dealer will, of course, likewise be included in the promotion. For a complete overview, press the "Request cashback now" button at the top of the page.

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Warranty all-inclusive

Your performance assured.

Once you have registered your new tool, it is fully covered for the first three years: 1 

  • Full repair, free of charge.2
  • Replaced in the event of theft.
  • Original parts guaranteed.
  • Money back.
  • Register tool

    Terms & Conditions of Participation for the Festool Cashback promotion ("Promotion")

    By participating in the Promotion, the participant accepts these Terms & Conditions of Participation.

    1. Organiser
    (1) The Promotion is being hosted by Festool GmbH, Wertstr. 20, 73240 Wendlingen, Germany, ("Organiser").
    (2) The Promotion shall be implemented by the agency that is commissioned by the Organiser: marken mehrwert - brand added value AG, Julius-Hatry-Straße 1, 68163 Mannheim, Germany ("Agency") and the payments shall be made by Festool UK Ltd.

    2. Eligibility
    (1) All natural persons of legal age and legal persons who are resident in or based in the United Kingdom ("Area of Participation") are eligible to participate in the Promotion.
    (2) Customers of the Organiser and of Festool UK Ltd shall be excluded from the Promotion, along with these companies' employees, executives and representatives, as well as their associated companies and employees of the Organiser and their associated companies.

    3. Subject of the Promotion
    (1) End customers who purchase a promotional product (see Point 4) within the promotional period from 1st July 2019 to 31st August 2019 from a dealer in the Area of Participation and register for the Promotion by 13th September 2019 at the latest, shall receive money back ("Cashback"), depending on the purchased product, to the value specified in the "Promotional Products" table.
    (2) A maximum of four promotional products per person can be registered for the Promotion. The Cashback can only be applied once per promotional device as part of this promotion. A comparison of e-mail addresses, duplicate addresses and verification numbers shall be carried out. A maximum of four people per household/company shall be permitted to participate in the Promotion. Multiple participations which violate these Terms & Conditions of Participation along with any other manipulative measures will lead to the participant's immediate exclusion from the Promotion.

    4. Promotional products
    Cashback shall be paid out in accordance with the provisions of these Terms & Conditions of Participation for the products that are included in the list of promotional products (this can be found at www.festool.co.uk/cashback) and shall be paid out in the amount specified for the relevant product. Only new goods qualify as promotional products; used products are excluded from the Promotion. Leasing products are also excluded from the Promotion.

    5. Participating in the Promotion
    (1) As a prerequisite for participating in the programme, the end customer must have completely and properly disclosed and made available the following information on the Promotion's website www.festool.co.uk/cashback:
    - Name and address of the participant
    - E-mail address of the participant
    - Verification numbers of the promotional product
    - Scan or photograph of an invoice or similar proof of purchase, on which the purchasing date and the product can be clearly identified
    - Account details for transferring the Cashback
    (2) Sales platform certificate or a receipt do not provide sufficient proof of purchase. Furthermore, a proof of purchase must not have been issued to anybody other than the participant.
    (3) If paying out the Cashback represents an advantage with regard to tax, the obligation to pay taxes shall remain with the recipient (end customer).
    (4) After receiving the participation documents, the participant receives a confirmation of receipt by e-mail from the Agency. The Agency shall be authorised to contact the participant by e-mail or letter if there are any queries regarding the implementation of the Promotion.
    (5) There shall be no entitlement to participate should the information not be submitted on time, be illegible, incomplete or be otherwise incorrect.

    6. Paying out the Cashback
    (1) The check to determine whether Cashback can be claimed is carried out by the Agency; the Cashback is paid out by Festool UK Ltd to the account specified by the participant.
    (2) The money shall be paid out no later than six (6) weeks after the complete participation documents, which must have been submitted on time, have been received.
    (3) If there are errors in the bank details specified by the participant, there shall be no claim to the money being transferred again.
    (4) The claim to payment of the Cashback shall not be transferable. The payment shall not, under any circumstances, be made in cash or in tangible assets.

    7. Obligation to refund where the product is returned
    If a promotional product that has already been registered to the Promotion is returned within six months, there shall therefore be no claim to Cashback. Any benefits already granted must be reimbursed.

    8. Data protection
    (1) The data that is provided by the participants as part of the Promotion shall be displayed, collected, saved, processed and used by the Organiser, Festool UK Ltd. and the Agency only to implement the Promotion, as shown in these Terms & Conditions of Participation. The participants may object to the storage, processing and use of their data at any time by writing to TTS Tooltechnic Systems AG & Co. KG, Wertstrasse 20, 73240 Wendlingen, Germany or by sending an e-mail to data-protection@festool.com. If they withdraw this consent, the relevant participant's data shall be deleted immediately – further participation in the Promotion will then unfortunately no longer be possible.
    (2) The participants' personal data will not be shared with any third parties unless this is required in order to run the Promotion.
    (3) Once the Promotion has ended, the participants' personal data shall be erased, provided this does not contravene statutory storage obligations. However, if a participant has consented to receiving advertising material and information in conjunction with the Promotion by placing a cross in the field provided for this purpose, their personal data shall be used by TTS Tooltechnic Systems AG & Co. KG or its associated companies for this purpose. The participant can object to receiving advertising material and information at any time, with future effect. You should address any objections you may have to: TTS Tooltechnic Systems AG & Co. KG, Wertstrasse 20, 73240 Wendlingen, Germany or by e-mail to data-protection@festool.com.

    9. Miscellaneous
    (1) The Organiser reserves the right to change, extend or prematurely end this Promotion without prior notice.
    (2) These Terms & Conditions of Participation are subject to German law to the exclusion of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG). The exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes shall be the location of the Organiser's registered office.
    (3) Should one or several provisions of these Terms & Conditions of Participation be or become ineffective, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected thereby.
    (4) During the promotional period, cashback can also be combined with our 18V promotion.
    (5) If you have any questions regarding the implementation of the Promotion, please contact festool.cashback@markenmehrwert.com

    1. Warranty all-inclusive is valid for all Festool tools registered within 30 days of purchase. Visit https://www.festool.co.uk/service/warranty-terms-and-conditions for the applicable Festool Warranty Terms and Conditions.
    2. "Full repair, free of charge" also applies to battery packs and chargers, but not to other consumables and accessories, or to tools that have been dismantled, or to damage caused by improper use, the use of non-original spare parts, or in the event of continuous use resulting in extensive wear.