• Sawing
    TS 55 R Plunge-cut saw

    TS 55 REQ-Plus GB 110V TS 55 REBQ-Plus GB 240V TS 55 REQ-Plus-FS GB 110V TS 55 REBQ-Plus-FS GB 240V
  • NEW Sawing
    Cordless plunge-cut saw TSC 55

    TSC 55 Li REB-Basic TSC 55 Li 5,2 REBI-Plus-SCA GB TSC 55 Li 5,2 REBI-Plus/XL-SCA GB TSC 55 Li 5,2 REBI-Set-SCA-FS GB
  • Sawing
    Circular saw TS 75

    TS 75 EQ-Plus GB 110V TS 75 EQ-Plus-FS GB 110V TS 75 EBQ-Plus GB 240V TS 75 EBQ-Plus-FS GB 240V
  • NEW Sawing
    HKC 55 cordless portable circular saw

    HKC 55 Li EB-Basic HKC 55 Li EBI-Plus-SCA GB HKC 55 Li 5,2 EBI-Set-SCA-FSK 420 GB
  • Sawing
    HK 55 portable circular saw

    HK 55 EQ-Plus GB 110V HK 55 EBQ-Plus GB 240V HK 55 EBQ-Plus-FSK 420 GB 240V HK 55 EQ-Plus-FSK 420 GB 110V HK 55 EBQ-Plus-FS GB 240V HK 55 EQ-Plus-FS GB 110V
  • Sawing
    HK 85 portable circular saw

    HK 85 EB-Plus GB 240V HK 85 EB-Plus-FSK420 GB 240V HK 85 EB-Plus-FS GB 240V
  • NEW Sawing
    Cordless insulating-material saw ISC 240

    ISC 240 Li EB-Basic ISC 240 Li 3,1 EBI-Compact GB ISC 240 Li 5,2 EBI-Plus GB ISC 240 Li 5,2 EBI-Set-FS GB
  • Sawing
    Sliding compound mitre saw KAPEX KS 60

    KS 60 E GB 240V KS 60 E GB 110V KS 60 E-SET GB 240V KS 60 E-SET GB 110V KS 60 E-Set-UG GB 240V KS 60 E-Set-UG GB 110V KS60E-Set/XL-UG GB 240V KS60E-Set/XL-UG GB 110V
  • Sawing
    Sliding compound mitre saw KAPEX KS 88

    KS 88 RE GB 240V KS 88 RE GB 110V
  • Sawing
    Sliding compound mitre saw KAPEX KS 120

    KS 120 REB GB 240V KS 120 REB GB 110V KS 120 Set-MFT GB 240V KS 120 Set-MFT GB 110V KS 120 Set-UG GB 240V KS 120 Set-UG GB 110V
  • Sawing
    Pendulum jigsaw CARVEX PS 420

    PS 420 EBQ-Plus GB 240V PS 420 EBQ-Plus GB 110V PS 420 EBQ-Set GB 240V PS 420 EBQ-Set GB 110V
  • Sawing
    Pendulum jigsaw CARVEX PSB 420

    PSB 420 EBQ-Plus GB 240V PSB 420 EBQ-Plus GB 110V PSB 420 EBQ-Set GB 240V PSB 420 EBQ-Set GB 110V
  • NEW Sawing
    Cordless pendulum jigsaw CARVEX PSC 420 Li 18

    PSC 420 Li EB-Basic PSC 420 Li5,2 EBI-Plus GB PSC 420 Li 5,2 EBI-Set GB
  • NEW Sawing
    Cordless jigsaw CARVEX PSBC 420 Li 18

    PSBC 420 Li EB-Basic PSBC 420 Li 5,2 EBI-Plus GB PSBC 420 Li 5,2 EBI-Set GB
  • Sawing
    Pendulum jigsaw TRION PS 300

    PS 300 EQ-Plus GB 240V PS 300 EQ-Plus GB 110V
  • Sawing
    Pendulum jigsaw TRION PSB 300

    PSB 300 EQ-Plus GB 240V PSB 300 EQ-Plus GB 110V
  • Sawing
    Compound mitre saw SYMMETRIC SYM 70

    SYM 70 RE GB 240 V
  • Sawing
    Trimming saw PRECISIO CS 50

    CS 50 EB GB 240V CS 50 E GB 110V CS 50 EB-Set GB 240V
  • Sawing
    Trimming saw PRECISIO CS 70

    CS 70 EB GB 240V CS 70 EB-Set GB 240V CS 70 E-Set GB 110V CS 70 E GB 110V
  • Sawing
    Sword saw UNIVERS SSU 200

    SSU 200 EB-Plus GB 240V SSU 200 EB-Plus-FS GB

Whether you need a pendulum saw, a circular saw, a table mounted trimming saw or a sword saw, Festool will have the product for you.
Our pendulum saws are ideal for professionals who require high-quality profile cutting equipment. Our pendulum saws come in both cordless and corded varieties, and are as lightweight as possible, while retaining formidable cutting power. All are extremely comfortable to use and a variety of sizes is available.

If you need a skill saw for plunge cutting applications, we offer cordless and corded circular saw models with 55 and 75 cm depth cutting abilities. Our standard skill saws offer exceptional control, while our range of specialist circular saws for carpentry are the perfect options for timber construction projects.

Our mitre saws will be the ideal equipment for framing and cutting boards or panels. All of them are designed to minimise their weight, making them suitable for mobile use. They also feature innovative elements like LED scribe lights, enabling unprecedented precision when making cross cuts.

Then there are our compound mitre saw models, which combine the ability to cut wood and plastics, with top of the range chop saw capabilities, cutting effortlessly through metals and other resistant materials.

All our electric saw designs utilise advanced features to make them more user-friendly. From our sword saws which use electronics to ensure constant cutting pressure, to the MMC technology of our compound mitre saws, you'll find cutting edge electronics at the heart of every saw we make.

With such a broad selection of saws available, there will be a product to meet your needs in Festool's saw collection.