Detailed information on full repair

    Ordering a repair

    Ideally, you should request a repair online using your personal MyFestool account. In doing so, you will benefit from a free transport service, fast processing of the repair and regular status messages providing information on the repair process.

    Request a repair in MyFestool

    Are you curious to know how our online repair order form works? Roll camera!

    Of course, you can also request a repair via phone or e-mail:

    Telephone: +44 (0) 1284 760 71

    You can also submit repair orders to your Festool dealer. However, please note that the total processing time may be longer in this case due to the additional transport and communication required.

    Processing the repair

    As soon as we have received your tool, we check whether a warranty claim is open. If your tool is registered for the warranty all-inclusive1 and is still within the warranty period, you will benefit from our full repair service free of charge2. The repair is completely free of charge for you – we even cover the costs of typical wear parts and transport. 

    If your tool is outside the warranty period, you will receive a quotation from us following our initial diagnosis. To speed up the repair process, you can provide your cost limit when you order the repair. If the repair costs do not exceed this limit, we will repair your tool straight away.

    Questions about full repair?

    You can find answers to the most common questions in our FAQ for warranty all-inclusive or full repair.

    Go to the full repair FAQ

    Request a repair

    Is there something wrong with your tool? Not a problem! Our team of specialist repair service professionals will take care of your tool so that it quickly back in your hands and good as new.
    Request a repair in MyFestool
    1. Warranty all-inclusive is valid for all Festool tools purchased from 6th March 2013 onwards and registered within 30 days of purchase. Visit for the applicable Festool Warranty Terms and Conditions.
    2. The offer for ‘full repair, free of charge’ does not apply to damage of consumables and accessories, misuse, damage caused by the use of non-original accessories or spare parts, nor in the case of tools which have been dismantled or subjected to constant, hard-wearing use.