Workplace organisation

  • SYSROCK BR 10 construction site radio

    BR10 DAB+ GB 240V BR 10 GB 240V
  • Vacuum pump and clamping unit

  • Multifunction table MFT 3

    MFT/3 MFT/3 Basic MFT/3-VL GB 240V
  • multifunction table MFT KAPEX

  • Multifunction table MFT CONTURO

    MFT/3 Conturo-AP
  • Universalcenter

    UCR 1000
  • Multifunction stool

    MFH 1000
  • Workcenter

    WCR 1000
  • Toolcenter TC 3000/2

    TC 3000/2
  • plug it

    H05 RN-F-4 GB H05 RR-F-4 GB 110V H05 RR-F-4 PLANEX GB110V H05 RN-F-10 GB 240V H05 RN-F-5,5 GB H05 RN-F-4 PLANEX GB 240V

Ensure that the logistics of your next work site are perfect with Festool's comprehensive range of workplace organisation products.

Our vacuum pumps and clamping tools will fix tools in place securely, without leaving visible traces on sensitive surfaces. If you need to extend the range of your tools, we also offer boom arms that can enable you to access every corner of a room with ease.

If you are working on complex machining projects, we can also provide mobile workcentres. The Universalcenter allows you to store crucial tools and move them rapidly from site to site. Used in conjunction with the multifunction stool, it will allow you to saw, sand or mill materials in comfort, wherever you need to do so.

Festool's site radios are another ideal companion for long periods on-site. Our SYSROCK BR 10 comes with 10W neodymium speakers that provide crystal clear sound. Bluetooth functionality makes it easy to connect it to compatible devices, while the aux in socket can also be used to hook up smartphones, MP3 players and tablets. The antenna is almost impossible to snap, while the LCD display and large buttons can be operated quickly when needed.

From resilient, easy to use site radios to extra cables, mobile workstations, stools and extendable booms, you'll find all of the workplace organisation products you need at the Festool store. Pick the perfect range of products for your site and ensure that all of the little things are taken care of before you start work.